Know your Numbers (P2)

If you haven't read the first part of this first three-part series, this way. If you already know what is meant with engagement, impression and conversion, we will apply these terms to an example.

@cathyhummels will be a relatively current, but also outstanding example for this article. We beacme aware by t-online. For Readers outside Germany, Cathy is a Crossmedia Influencer, Bookauthor and also married to Mats Hummels, a former player of the German national football/soccer team. She describes herself as an strong and independent woman, at least we can read this in her publications. Although Instagram repeatedly point out in public statements and in their terms and conditions that the use of bots or buying likes and followers is illegal, even such large and apparently influential accounts sometimes hid more appearances than real ones. The topic of the fake worlds on Instagram should not be discussed any further today. If in your opinion it is worth an article, you can let us know via the feedback function in the menu!

Let's start with the comment conversion. According to our analysis tool, her value here is a good 3.4%. This means that roughly every 30th user who rates the picture with a heart also shares a few nice thoughts. On the one hand, this can mean that she frequently offers competitions or give-aways, which are often accompanied by the request to like, tag and comment in order to win. This often artificially boosts interactions. For example, she has received 1,920 comments in a competition in the last few days, while her average is just 140 comments per post.

On the other hand, it can also mean that the interaction of "her" community with the regular content is high. Regardless of whether this is positive or negative, of course. You can find out her interest with another number in the game by putting the number of her followers in relation. With this new component, she is level with her husband Mats Hummels (0.03%). Not a bad, but not a very good value either

So we can actually rule out two things. She does not post a topic that is interesting for her community. But competitions also have a much higher response from real followers.

Before I even come to a conclusion, let's go to Instagram engagement. Probably the best-known metric among number-affine users. It shows the fastest and most unambiguous way how an account should be rated. No assumptions or rounding, only visible facts are set in relation to the number of followers. Given the size of her account, an engagement value of three is considered as good. At 0.84%, it is far behind the tested benchmarks. Again, for comparison: Mats has a value of 2.41% on 3.1 million followers, the benchmark for accounts of this size is 2%, so we see a clear difference in quality here. But other comparative values such as @janainazarrella clearly show this.

 Comparative values Values of similar accounts ©own research

I think it's clear where we're headed. Cathy Hummels and her lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser have rejected the allegations of fake followers according to t-online and excluded the purchase of the same. It should also be mentioned here that there is the possibility of a third party purchase for your account by strangers. But the numbers show one thing very clearly: a large number of their followers are not interested in her content.

There may be a variety of reasons for this. If we assume only good things here and assume a substantial, structured and non-intrusive content, there is only an unspoken possibility.

Cathy Hummels in her element Cathy Hummels in her element. © Cathy Hummels/Instagram

Last but not least, something about Christmas. Our evaluations have shown that her captions have so far been largely neutral to slightly negative. Of course, you have to think away the heart emojies :-). Lately we've seen a more contemplative thinking among her posts.

So in Part 3 we devote ourselves in detail to the followers of Cathy Hummels. At this point I would like to make it clear again that it is only an example account and by far not the only one that has these attributes.