Know your numbers (Part 3)

Long time no see! Welcome to the third and last part of the Instagram KPI series.

I just can't help but smile when Frank suggested the topic - I just thought WTF? Cathy Hummels, I'm really not in the mood for this crap, but let's give it a try and in fact, it was worth it and here we go.

If you remember, we analyzed Cathy Hummels in our previous blogarticle, with regard to engagement and conversion. The reason for this was the allegations on several blogs (Analysis revealed: False likes on Cathy Hummels' Instagram profile - T-online and ” Terrifying analysis shows: Everything is fake at Cathy Hummels on Instagram ”- Ruhr 24 ) that Cathy Hummels increases her reach through fake followers and fake likes.

Just to make things clear, we have researched all of this from a neutral point of view. The findings in the previous blogarticle told us that there is some shady stuff going on which lead us to further investigations into her followers.

So what did I do?

  • On December 20, 2020 I compiled a list of the 16,234 latest Cathy Hummels followers. This is possible, because the Instagram follower lists are structured in reverse chronological order. At this point, this amount corresponded to her average follower growth of one month.
  • Why did the analysis take so long?

  • I started the Evaluation a week ago, because I wanted to know what is left of these followers after 2 months.
  • In the first evaluation I was able to determine that of the 16,234 followers, 9,222 are public profiles and 2,611 private profiles.Moreover, 4,401 profiles were no longer available, i.e. 1 out of 4 profiles was simply deleted. So these are not profiles that simply unfollowed Cathy Hummels, no, these accounts no longer exist! Pretty crazy, isn't it?

    Cathy Hummels Follower

    In the next step I was interested in whether there were any patterns in the follower list. In the image below you can see excerpts from the follower list, the gaps represent the deleted profiles that I could not reach. In fact, the series of images from left to right shows the development of new followers to old followers. Looks a bit strange, doesn't it?

    Cathy Hummels Follower List

    We can acknowledge that there are different phases, in which followers packed and others faded. Why are these faded? I leave this transfer task to you. So how did these “followers” get to follow Cathy Hummel's in the first place? Of course we cannot rule out malicious dark forces. COVID-19 deniers now it is up to you! Who has the power, who has the resources and who has an advantage? Was it Bill Gates, the gardener, or was it Mats Hummels the jealous husband? Questions upon questions, you decide!

    I hope you enjoyed our little excursion and hopefully we were able to show that it is possible to get a good first impression through a pre-assessment using engagement and comment / like ratio KPIs.

    If you want to have further analyzes of this kind in the future, please contact me via LinkedIn , I will answer you there fastest.