Know your Numbers (Part I)

In this article, we take care of the external KPIs that everybody can calculate. Very important, I am not referring to measures that can be viewed via Instagram Insights. That is why today it is about likes, comments, follows, followers and views and which other metrics can be derived from them.

First a brief introduction to the terminology.

  1. Likes: The like is to be compared with the "Like" button on Facebook. By pressing the heart button or double tabbing on the post on Instagram, you can give a like.
  2. Followers: The followers are the subscribers who follow the Instagram profile.
  3. Follows: The Follows are the profiles that have been subscribed to by the Instagram profile. If the number of followers is over 1500, then it is called a Massfollower. We cover this Massfollower issue on another blogpost.
  4. Comments: These are the comments that can be written under a post.
  5. Views: The views are the views that a video has, this key figure is often mistaken for the likes of a video.
  6. The following two terms can only be read from the insights, but we will have a few tricks to estimate them.
  7. Reach: The reach is the number of users that saw the post.
  8. Impressions: The impressions are the number of times your post was viewed in total.

You don't know your numbers?

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What things can you do with it?

  1. Comment Conversion = Comment / Likes
    Comment Conversion is the ratio of comments to likes. It is assumed that the threshold to write a comment is higher than that of giving a like. This means that a high comment conversion can be an indicator of interaction-stimulating content. For example, post in the form of contests, in which a like and comment usually must be submitted, have a very high comment conversion.
  2. Instagram engagement = (Comments + Likes) / Followers
    Instagram engagement records the visible interactions, i.e. likes, and comments, under a post and puts them in relation to the number of subscribers. This is an indicator of the real reach, which leads to interactions. At this point it must be noted that different analysis tools value the influence of the comments higher so that they multiply this by a factor x.
  3. Impressions = Followers x 0.33
    As a rule of thumb, it is said that the impressions correspond to a third of the followers. In other words, only one third of the followers will see your post.
  4. Video Reach = Views / Followers
    The key figure sets the Reach of the video in relation to the followers, so you better compare it to other posts.
  5. Video engagement = (Comments + Likes) / Views
    The video engagement is an exciting KPI because it is the only one where we know exactly how many users viewed the post. As a result we can name determine the performance of the video exactly.

We'll look at some of these metrics in more detail in the next post. In particular, on the topic of engagement and why advertising companies in particular should find out more about a deal with the advertising partner. Not every "influencer" is authentic and transparent. Certain services were used by one or the other social media star.

Now we have discussed some things. My goal was that you can now carry out your own analyzes and be able to evaluate the analyzes of others. Of course, I would be happy if you try out our analysis tool and give us some Feedback gibst.