These profiles are of no interest to you!

Massfollowers are an ongoing phenomenon, but what are they and what can you do about them? Massfollowers are profiles that follow more than 1500 profiles. The strategy behind this is that the Massfollower hopes that someone will follow him back. Basically, this does not seem to be a problem for you because you don't have to follow it back. But now comes the big one, because the Massfollower lowers your Instagram engagement. We remind ourselves that Instagram engagement is calculated as follows:

Instagram engagement = (likes + comments) / Follower

The Problem

How does he do it? Well, it is certainly not his intention to make you look bad, but he does. The Massfollower follows so many profiles that his feed is simply permanently flooded, he can no longer perceive the number of contributions. The effect that then arises due to this feed flooding is that your post will not be visible to him in the feed and that means that the probability of interacting with your post decreases. As a result, you have one more follower who will never interact with you again.

Hence, your Instagram engagement drops, and with it the relevance of your posts, because you cannot manage to reach all your followers. Well, I admit, nobody will ever achieve this best case. Nevertheless, the Instagram algorithm will punish this behavior.

The influencers are hit even harder. The Massfollowers are flagged by some analysis tools. These tools analyze the follower base and then determine the follower structure. For example, it can happen that 20% of your followers will be flagged as Massfollowers. Everyone now can imagine what impression the marketing manager has if he sees those numbers. With that decrease of reach he will not pay the full price.

Analysis of the follower structure

There are a few reasons why I am not analyzing a stranger’s profile in this post. First, I do not want to offer a platform to fakes, and Pseudo-Instagram experts. Secondly, I do not want to publicly expose anyone, because when it comes to follower quality, it quickly gets personal. Third, it is a depth analysis that, in addition to a higher technical effort, also draws heavily on our Instagram knowledge and therefore cannot be offered for free. However, we make this know-how available to you for a small additional charge in our Webshop.

For these three reasons, I will show you my profile @yps2311, as it is a prime example of what a fake micro influencer could look like. The following chart shows an overview of the follower structure of my private Instagram account, the profile had a little over a thousand followers (1012) at the time.

Overview Follower structure.png

In a first analysis step I wanted to know how many mass followers I have. An alarmingly large number of mass followers (536), and even more than normal followers (476). It should be said here that the criterion for determining was only the number of subscribers. The normal follower therefore does not have to be a real, far-reaching relevant user. So, we see there are quite a few greedy vultures out there in the form of mass followers.

Next, I wanted to know how many of my subscribers have an economic interest in me as a "customer". Therefore, the business and creator accounts were recorded. Here, too, it becomes clear that a great many (423) are interested in my best, in other words my money.

The number of characters used and the number of numbers in a username were then analyzed. With the background that experience has shown that bots use long (8) or usernames with many numbers (5). The reason behind this is that it is highly unlikely that a username such as "yannick.preuss.instahyper75358" will not be assigned.

And of course, who should not be missing in any good follower analysis, yeah, you are right, the "lonely singles in your neighborhood" – the sexbots. At this point, I would have expected to find less sexually provocative profile biographies (31), since I assumed that Instagram would actively do something about this plague, but yes - Sex Sells.

Interestingly, only (23) profiles are on the move without a profile picture. In fact, I would have estimated the number to be considerably larger regarding to bots, since the image acquisition and upload are associated with a certain effort.

Finally, the last question bothering me was whether a big influencer is following me, i.e. a profile that is verified by Instagram and has the sweet blue badge in their profile. In fact, I am followed by an "influencer"! But it is a lame motivational quotes profile and indeed a mass follower.

What do you take with you from this analysis? Right, Yannick's Instagram account is completely boosted! But apart from that, you can see how fake influencer profiles are often composed. So, better look twice, it is not all gold that glitters.

Oh yeah and how to boost such an account, completely free of charge, I'll show you in another blog post.

Let's tackle the problem!

So, what can you do about this common plague? In theory, it is super easy to go through your subscribers and block those who follow more than 1500 profiles. And you block new Massfollowers that try to follow you immediately. You ask yourself why blocking them instantly? Well, many of them will try to subscribe again and again and the block prevents you from that. In practice, depending on the number of followers, this can turn out to be more of a long-term and annoying job. If you only need about 5 seconds per follower, with 1000 followers that is already 5,000 seconds, that is 83.3 minutes or 1.39 hours. As you can see, this is a task for a brain-dead monkey.

Therefore, I recommend hiring a freelancer who will investigate this for you and list the Massfollowers, including the profile URL, in a table. Then you can decide by yourself who you want to follow or unfollow.