As the name Like for Like states, you will like a post of a person if they like your post. Users who follow this strategy often use the #likeforlike, #like4like or #l4l to tag their posts. This will show the posts in the hashtag feeds where they will be found by people, who apply the same strategy.

The problem

So, what is the problem now with this method? A distinction is made between two cases, firstly that the posts with the hashtags are recognized by the Instagram algorithm itself. As a result, the algorithm decreases the reach of your post. On the other hand, the psychological effect that the hashtag can have on other users. You are your post may look like that you only beg for likes. Both the performance of the post and your image may suffer from this strategy.

Of course, you should avoid this! So, what else can you do? Basically, it is very easy. You look for a hashtagfeed that suits you the most and you start liking the posts in it. It is crucial that you do not like posts that already have a lot of likes, because it is more about small profiles that are happy that you engage with them. Also, it can make sense to reload the hashtag feed again and again, so that you can like the very newest posts. This has the advantage that the users of the liked post are probably still on their smartphone and notice your like immediately and react to it.

When should you use this strategy? It makes sense to use the Like for Like strategy whenever you have published a new post. Because the likes you get on your new post increases the relevance of your profile, so Instagram attaches a greater reach to your postings.

We will support you in the best possible way!

To save you valuable time, we have developed the Instagram Autoliker plugin. You install the free plugin in your browser, select the appropriate hashtag and start the plugin. The Autoliker will now like the first 100 posts of the hashtag feed, using a random algorithm to avoid being recognized by Instagram. It also uses image recognition to identify relevant posts. Therefore, post with quotes, videos, and people in it will be detected and skipped. This ensures that you only like high-quality Posts.

You will find the plugins in the Chrome Web Store and in the Firefox Addons


The special thing here is that we do not save any of your data for this service, because your privacy is important to us.