Our first own official App!

We are very happy to introduce our newest but also first app. With Quicktag for Instagram, the hashtag search becomes a breeze for you. Upload your picture and we will suggest the right hashtags for you.


The app recognizes image objects through the innovative use of artificial intelligence and then specifically searches for these and related hashtags via the Instagram api. The best hashtags will then be displayed sorted according to your reach. By selecting, you copy the hashtags directly to the clipboard so that you can paste them straight into your Instagram caption.

If you cannot decide, we will help you with our random generator which will select up to ten different hashtags for you. We have limited the number to ten because our past analyzes showed that posts perform better with fewer hashtags.


At no time you have to worry that we have access to your pictures, because the part of the app that is responsible for image recognition only works locally on your smartphone.

I Hope you take some valuable information here and good luck on Instagram!